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an educational program to diminish the effects of divorce on children and adults

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Tips to Start a New Life

Starting a new life is a big change. The tips below will help you make a smooth transition.

  • Make changes slowly. Allow time to adjust.
  • Take an inventory of your strengths. Don't believe that the failure of your marriage makes you a failure.
  • Live in the present. Strive to be positive.
  • Let positive people into your life. Share your feelings with them in order to gain the support you need.
  • Develop old and new interests.
  • Take charge of your life—make your own decisions. Don't get caught up in the blame game.
  • Prolonged stress can reduce the immune system's effectiveness and lead to a variety of symptoms. Minimize prolonged stress through self-care:
    • Good nutrition, plenty of rest, and moderate exercise.
    • Relaxing activities
    • Contact with supportive people.